TopicLooking Beautiful! Here Is How

  • Sat 30th Jul 2016 - 10:59am

    Have you seen those celebrities who seem to go from a bob to flowing, mid-back length hair in no time? Better not believe it; celebs often make use of hair extensions and wigs to change up their hairdos.Science tells us that scalp hair can only grow at an average rate Bedroom Guardian of half an inch per month. This translates to just about 6 inches of growth per year.Sure, there are certain factors that can slow down your hair growth. Stress, malnutrition and sickness can all slow the rate your tresses grows, but for normal healthy people like you and me, most of our locks are constantly growing longer (even though you might not notice it!).

    Your ethnicity or race can also affect how fast your hair grows. Asian hair seems to grow the fastest, at a rate of 6.3 inches per year. Caucasian hair grows an average of 5 inches per year. African hair grows the slowest at only 4.3 inches per year.This could probably be because Asian women have better hair care practices than Caucasians and African women. Women in the West are always dyeing their tresses, styling it with hot styling tools or going to the salon for rebonding treatments, so it's no wonder they have a harder time growing a long mane! Their frayed strands fall off before they can reach their maximum potential!

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